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I fell in love with the breed after “As good as it gets” move. Do you remember Werdel, main character, the mysterious Griffon. So, the cute unforgettable elves have entered my home and my heart.

МоскуГрифф Цунами Талисман Души (Шерри)
My dogs:

Mosky Griff Cunami Talisman Dushi (Sherri)

Breed: petit brabanson

D.O.B – 08.03.2009

JCh Russia, Ch Russia

Охра Талисман Души (Хоня)

Ohra Talisman Dushi (Hanni)

Breed: Brussels Griffon

J Ch Russia, Ch Russia

Фисташковое Пралине Талисман Души (Маргоша)

Fhistashkovoe Praline Talisman Dushi (Margosha)

Breed - Belgian Griffon
J Ch Russia, CAC,CACIB 

All my pets live with me, we walk, meet friends and enjoy our life together.

DuSoleil animals are beautiful, well maintained and always happy to communicate, that’s why you can see them starring in popular music clips, movies and commercials on Russian TV.

Please, visit the page We are on TV.

The mysterious Griffons – three faces of the one breed. Three types, three different breeds could be possibly born at the same brood: Brussels Griffon (rough red), the Belgian Griffon (black and black and tan wire-haired) and a Petit Brabancon (smooth coat all variations).

The time when we have newborns in DuSoleil is the happiest moments to share. You can meet our puppies almost everywhere in the world. The small elves are faithful friends and special honor for me and their new owners.

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