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«Дю Солей» (DUSoleil). Регистрация питомника WCF CATTERY

Dear friends,

We are 15 years old!!!

My name is Marina . I’m happy to welcome you at my cattery. I took my degree in biology in Moscow, the city I was born and live in. My cattery, named Du Solei (DUSoleil), was registered in WCF in 2008. WCF CATTERY certificate 080271.50.


89104229872 Marina Yildirim (Moskov)


instagram: dusoleilcattery

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Today our cattery is a team of people who are really passionate about cats. I’m deeply thankful for everything you do for the cattery with all your passion and respect. That let us work with a sufficient number of animals improving the breed’s quality. Special thanks to our veterinary doctor –  Alexandra Nikitina. And also, I’d like to give my special thanks to Sofiya , my daughter, who always supported us and helped me a lot with the very first web-site of Du Soleil cattery.  

My cattery breeds are:

  • British shorthair

  • British highlander


We specially focused on cats with color point (blue and deep-blue eyes). We have blue-eyed cats and kitties of following colors:  


  • Black silver shaded color point (ns 11 33) 

  • Lilac silver shaded color point (cs 11 33)

  • Black gold shaded color point (ny 11 33)

  • Chocolate silver shaded color point (bs 11 3


And also, green-eyed cats:

  • Gold shaded (ny11)

  • Black silver shaded (ns 11) 

  • Blue gold shaded (ay11)

  • Blue silver shaded (as 11) 


We do our best working with perspective directions and imported animals from famous European and Russian catteries. Special thanks to Darya and Anna Dyatchina (Merrlen), Jana Shysterova (Crazy Blue), Bianka Bartholome (Mystery Dream), Maje Dornovoy (Silver Legend), Irina Shvedova («Mormot»), Anna Galaeva (Ermine Trace).


Our fosterlings live all over the world. We are happy to stay in touch with all of them, consulting on any issues’ of their feeding, upbringing and maintenance. We are proud of their exhibitions’ success and glad to see the adorable photos of the beautiful cats who used to be our Du Soleil kitties.       

котята питомника Du Soleil
котята питомника Du Soleil
котята питомника Du Soleil
котята питомника Du Soleil
котята питомника Du Soleil
image (21)
котята питомника Du Soleil
котята питомника Du Soleil
котята питомника Du Soleil
котята питомника Du Soleil
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