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Our kitties

DuSoleil kitties are healthy and purebred, they can be your perfect home soulmates as well as extra-high

standard exhibition animals. The kitties are part of your family and soul. They can sleep on a couch, run and play

everywhere at home, so they become absolutely social. Watching their mother’s behavior during the first week

of their life, they get used to toilet and “handle” with scratching post. We always enjoy the time very much.

Kitties are required to be at least 16 weeks age before leaving our cattery.   

According to Russian Federation veterinary rules, animals must be vaccinated against rabies virus 30 days before they leave Russia. We guarantee our kitties’ perfect health at the moment when they leave our cattery. By the time of relocation all kitties are vaccinated according to international standards. Their parents are tested on FeLV, FIV, FIP, PKD.

The kitties are fed with Super Premium cat food for kitties. They have chicken and beef (cooked in a special way) and vitamins in their everyday ration. There is a safe balcony in a cattery where they can play games and have rest on fresh air.

We are looking forward to seeing their new owners who give them lots of love, time and care.

Leaving DuSoleil cattery our kitties have:

  • Written agreement for sale

  • Birth certificate

  • Transport documents

  • Microchip

  • Veterinary passport

  • Their favorite food and toys

They all are degelmintizated and vaccinated (including against rabies virus vaccine).


DuSoleil kitties are perfect as a home pets or for professional exhibitions and breeding. Home kitties have metric-certificate to be changed to birth certificate later. These animals can not be used as breeders but they have all chances to become your home’s brilliant and soulmate.


Kitties for breeding are perfect type animals with color point, also blue and deep-blue eyed.

They become high-quality breeders and have brood. They also have pedigree for a breeding cultivation.

New owners are responsible for:

  • All transport expenses

  • Procedure of giving metric/ birth certificate

  • Microchip cost   

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