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Zayguna Du Soleil
Zayguna Du Soleil

breeder: Gordienko M.
owner: Gordienko M.
breed: Scottish straight SCS (страйт)
color: ns22 (carried chokolate and colorpoint gen) 
d.o.b. -  12.07.2014
father: ICH Hammer Angellen`s SFL ny 2133
mother: Zima Ermine Trace SCS ns11

CH Angelen`s Hummer
SFL ny2133
CH Georg of Jantar*LV
SFS ny11
GICH, CH FIFE Incredible from Miracl Garden
BRI ny11
ICH Tais Gold Jantar
SFS ny 24
Ultra Merry Bell
SFS71 ns2133
CH Ultra Lensky Alpachino
SFS ns 11
ICH Mertsajuschaja Magic Mask
SFL 71 c 21 33 03
Zima Ermine Trace
SFS71 ns11
GICH Viva Vogue Happy Christmas
BRI ns11
Cheese Cake Snezhny Bars 
BRI ns 11
Pearl of Empire's Zsa-Zsa 
BRI ns 11
WCH Eric von Bürgersruh
BRI ns 12
Ermine Trace Queen Qona
SFS ns1133
CH Lensky Abbatisse Isadora
SFS ns 11 33
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